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In our shop you can purchase the latest products from our favourite manufacturers.

Take a look through our traded in components to see if we have anything that can help keep your system going until it’s time to upgrade.

If you want to book in a FREE installation for a component upgrade or arrange a meeting to discuss your Home Cinema Room, you can simply use our booking service below.

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Before you check out, please book a convenient installation date.

If you are upgrading a projector or AVR for an existing system component, we will install this for you FREE of charge. 

If this is a new item for a system, you will need to book in a FREE consultation before purchase so that we can ensure that you have the correct product for the system you will be connecting it to.

We do not ship any new items sold in our shop, every item is installed by a professional engineer.

Free installation

Free installation on any component purchased from us to upgrade an existing component.

Free consultation

Free consultation to discuss you home cinema project