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Home Cinema System Design

Home Cinema System Design

System design

A fundamental part of creating any home cinema is design.

As part of every home cinema project, we invest time at the design stage to ensure that the system we create meets both your budget and requirements.

I well thought-out space has many benefits:

  • Tradesmen know exactly what they are contracted to do, this not only saves time but also money
  • Decisions are made well in advance to prevent installation issues and additional costs
  • Planning positions of doors is crucial as this will have an impact on seating and speaker placement
  • Lighting can designed to complement the decor and placement can be added to system drawings 
  • Once the room is complete, you will be less likely to make changes because you were aware of exactly how the room would look before completion

As part of our system design we create schedules for our installation engineers. This ensure that all of our works are carried out on schedule and as detailed in our system design.

We also create system drawings, cabling schematics and 3D renders of the room so that you are completely happy with the system before any installation works are carried out. 

Our 3D renders and system drawings can offer crucial details about your home cinema system and illustrate to other trades exactly how the system should look upon completion.