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The Arcam AVR31 is a high-performance audio/visual receiver that delivers stunning realism for the ultimate home cinema experience


  • 16 Channels of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X & AURO-3D decoding
  • 7 HDMI inputs, 3 HDMI outputs inc Zone 2, eARC compatible
  • HDMI 2.1 with HDCP2.3
  • All inputs support 8K@60fps and 4K@120fp

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Arcam AVR31

The Arcam AVR31 is a high-power, audio/visual receiver that delivers stunning realism for the ultimate home cinema experience.

With native 16-channel decoding from Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D, the AVR31 can deliver incredible immersive audio.

The AVR31 is designed for both music and movies and with high fidelity and dynamics, it brings both to life.

Featuring 7 channels of Class G amplification the AVR31 guarantees musicality not heard from other AV receivers. Performance and musicality can also be assured with Dirac Live® room optimisation.

Dirac Live® Bass Control aggregates measurement and location data from each subwoofer as well as the main speakers to determine how a system’s bass is distributed throughout the room.

Dedicated Home Cinema

At Dedicated Home Cinema we love using Arcam in our home cinema systems. Their extensive range of audio visual receivers, processors and amplifiers allows us to use their products in any home cinema room, regardless of its size. Whether you’re converting a garage or loft space into a home cinema or have a large basement, Arcam has suitable products for your system.

The AVR31 delivers both power and precision and is more than capable for most systems but if you need more, there’s always the AV41 and PA240 to consider.

As with every home cinema that we design, acoustic room treatment is a consideration and for many rooms its a requirement to get the very best from the system. If we install an Arcam AVR and calibrate the room using DIRAC, we can correct the rooms acoustics even further.

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As with all of our products, we offer FREE INSTALLATION for Home Cinema System upgrades across the UK.

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