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This is an exceptional SAMSUNG QN900B FLAGSHIP NEO QLED 8K HDR 3000 SMART TV8K Smart TV.

  • Ultra-sharp lights, extreme contrast and jaw-dropping detail
  • Edge-to-edge viewing on the endlessly stunning Infinity Screen
  • Incredible depth, stunning detail and industry-leading brightness
  • Unleash the full power of 8K, thanks to our most intelligent processor yet
  • 12 multi-directional TV speakers deliver best-in-class 3D surround sound powered by Dolby Atmos

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The Ultimate TV Experience

Ultra-sharp lights, extreme contrast and jaw-dropping detail

Quantum Matrix Technology Pro

A new era of breath-taking picture quality. Engineered to control with intense precision, our proprietary ultra-fine, super-sharp Quantum Mini LEDs delivers ultra-focused lights and extreme blacks. It works in tandem with the mighty AI-powered processor for superb contrast and our sharpest 8K picture yet

Stunning edge-to-edge viewing

Infinity Screen

The endlessly stunning Infinity Screen brings you the world’s first edge-to-edge viewing experience. As it’s a nearly bezel-less TV, nothing gets in the way of the pristine, limitless 8K picture. Welcome to a new era of TV – beyond all boundaries.

Unleash the full power of 8K with our most intelligent processor yet

Neural Quantum Processor 8K

Our most powerful AI-Powered processor makes ordinary picture and sound extraordinary. By combining 20 multi-layer neural networks it cleverly to analyse images and restore every detail, pixel by pixel. It automatically adjusts the brightness, amplifies the contrast, enhances objects and upscales the resolution of whatever you’re watching, so you can watch movies, sport and TV shows in 8K – even if they’ve not been filmed that way.

The ultimate 3D surround sound experience. Powered by Dolby Atmos

Super Surround Sound powered by Dolby Atmos®

Uncompromising, best-in-class surround sound takes your audio experience to a whole new level of immersion. This TV is packed with twelve multi-directional speakers and, for the first time, supports Dolby Atmos technology for the ultimate, cinematic surround sound experience. Helicopter flying across the skies or rain thumping down from above, it’s so realistic, you’ll feel every moment as if you’re actually there.

Dynamic sound that follows the action with sound firing from all sides

Object Tracking Sound PRO

Take your sound to a whole new level of immersion, courtesy of 12 built-in TV speakers that fire sound up, down, from the sides, and centre of the screen. Track every terrifying gasp, or hear every drop of rain thumping down from above – it’s so realistic, you’ll feel every moment as if you’re actually there.

Day or night, every seat is the best in the house

Ultra Viewing Angle with Anti Reflection Screen

See every moment from any angle, without the brightness of the sun or the lights in your room getting in the way. Our critically acclaimed anti-glare TV screen absorbs reflections so you can enjoy TV in incredible colour and contrast, day or night. Whether you’re on the edge of your seat or stretched out on a corner sofa, you’ll never miss any of the drama.

Designed to lift all distractions away

Infinity One Design and Attachable Slim One Connect

With an ultra slim profile, every inch of your Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV has been thoughtfully designed to lift all distractions away. With only One Cable for all your connections, you won’t have a spaghetti of wires cluttering your space. You can even plug all your multimedia devices into the attachable One Connect box and keep it hidden in the rear of the TV stand, or out of place out of sight in the cupboard. Either way, you’ll experience pure cinematic viewing – at its best.

Control your smart home from your TV

Connected Living (with Built-in SmartThings)

Control all the devices in your connected smart home system through your Samsung Smart TV with SmartThings built-in. You can monitor home cameras, or see who’s at the door from the comfort of your sofa. It’ll make your life easier, more secure and more connected. Finally, smart living – made simple.


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Weight 41.3 kg
Dimensions 195 × 1625 × 947 mm



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